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About Us

About us

Butterfly Productions is a start-up Visual Media Production Company that specializes in low altitude aerial photography/cinematography. We have a genuine passion for Flying, Filming, Photography, and Video/Photo Editing. Our customized services feature a new perspective through the unmatched maneuverability of UAV’s. They can go where it is impossible for manned flights to go!

Our UAV’s are equipped with the latest hardware including HD video cameras, gyro-stabilized camera mounting systems, and software applications, that are continuously being updated.

We provide you with a full service and will fulfill your every wish, by producing for you a one of a kind video, or photographs, specific to your needs, with a fresh and dynamic style that has a truly “Out of this world” feel to it.

Butterfly Productions is an innovative Aerial Firm that takes great pride in getting the job done, on time and to the satisfaction of YOU the client!

Our Mission

We are committed to do extraordinary work for our clients. Through our Determination, Passion, Ongoing training and Knowledge. Butterfly Productions “go the extra mile”, to give you the service you expect and deserve.

The story behind the name “Butterfly Productions” – A unique story of friendship and trust, Butterfly and Man

The name Butterfly Productions is inspired by Manos’ unique friendship with a Butterfly. In 2009 while visiting Schinias Beach in Greece, he noticed a butterfly that had fallen in the water and was fighting for its life. Manos carefully took the butterfly out of the water to safety, and the butterfly even though it had every opportunity to fly away, showed its appreciation by staying with Manos the whole time and accepting his friendship and care. This is a unique story of friendship and trust, and we are privileged to share it with you with the following video.